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Dr. Helene Kazan - 2022/23

 We are proud to announce that Dr. Kazan will be working alongside the Lab as our Artist in Residence for 2022-23.


As a research-based practitioner, Helene Kazan’s work investigates ‘risk’ as a lived limit condition produced through capitalism and conflict, analysed at the material intersection of international law and architecture. Her work engages feminist, intersectional, critical legal and artistic methods through poetic testimony, as a means of expressing, translating and dismantling the violent and disproportionate human and non-human effects of risk. 

Interested in finding out more about Dr. Kazan's work? Click here.

Image by Helene Kazan, Film still from 'Frame of Accountability: Untouching Ground' 2022. Courtesy of the Artist. 

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