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Artist in Residence

The Westminster Law & Theory Residency programme is a new, fresh approach to bring law into the realm of artistic exploration and theoretical discourse. We are thrilled to announce annual open calls for one distinguished artist to join the Lab as our Artist in Residence. 

The Westminster Law & Theory Lab Artist in Residence would be working along legal and interdisciplinary scholars at the Westminster Law School and The Westminster Law & Theory Lab in particular. We welcome expressions of interest from artists working in the intersection between law and art; or who use law as an artistic medium/base/inspiration; or whose practice can benefit from thinking along legal parameters; or whose work can be described as political and engaged. 

We understand law in its broader possible manifestation as normativity (of social rules, of artistic practices, of spatiality and temporality) and not just in its textual manifestation as statutes and caselaw. We welcome academically unaffiliated artists who want to explore the normativity of their own practice in relation to that of the legal academic practice. There is no preference in terms of medium but we would encourage a flexibility of expression in order to fit in the multiple engagements of the law school.  

You will collaborate with the staff of the Westminster Law & Theory Lab as well as the Law School staff in general, depending on your project and its demands. 

artist in residence 2023.jpeg

Mickaël Rivière (Marso) - 2023/24

Marso is the founder of Company Decalage, GalleryMarso and "KRE8!Lab". He produces eclectic and interdisciplinary works rooted to Hip Hop culture. His track record as a performer, producer, workshop leader, mentor, award winning choreographer and photographer is rich with amazing collaborations and achievements. In the last 20 years he has established himself as a major force in both the contemporary dance, and Breakin’ (Breakdance) worlds. He has created numerous touring works for Company Decalage and independently been commissioned by Carlos Acosta for Acosta Danza, Sharleen Spiteri (Texas), Sampad, The Royal Academy of Dance, Birmingham Hippodrome, People Dancing, Dancexchange, Birmingham International Dance Festival, The Place Prize, Breakin Convention, The Cultural Olympiad, The Aurora Orchestra, King’s Cross NC1, Danza Contemporenea De Cuba, The British Council and Hong Kong APA.


Photographer: Lee Wai Leung 

Dr. Helene Kazan - 2022/23

Dr. Kazan worked alongside the Lab as our Artist in Residence for 2022-23.


As a research-based practitioner, Helene Kazan’s work investigates ‘risk’ as a lived limit condition produced through capitalism and conflict, analysed at the material intersection of international law and architecture. Her work engages feminist, intersectional, critical legal and artistic methods through poetic testimony, as a means of expressing, translating and dismantling the violent and disproportionate human and non-human effects of risk. 

Find out more about Dr. Kazan's work here.

Image by Helene Kazan, Film still from 'Frame of Accountability: Untouching Ground' 2022. Courtesy of the Artist. 

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