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Dr. Cirkovic is an interdisciplinary/transnational scholar who has also trained and worked in visual arts, music (voice), and sustainable design.


Elena Cirkovic (PhD Osgoode Hall Law School, York University) is currently working on her project, Anthropocentrism and Sustainability of the Earth System and Outer Space (ANTARES). ANTARES focuses on international law and sustainable uses of outer space and the Earth System. It identifies planetary environmental challenges: a. climate change and b. environmental problems in outer space (e.g. orbital debris).


The project aims to provide a comprehensive socio-legal framework for that recognizes these challenges. The article “Space, Ice, and the Final Frontiers of International Law: the Cosmo-legal Proposal” (forthcoming in the German Law Journal 21 (2)) provides an introductory study of the project.


Elena is a recent Fellow at the Westminster Law & Theory Lab.
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