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Gavin Keeney is Director of Agence ‘X’, founded in New York, New York, in 2007. He completed a research doctorate in Architecture at Deakin University, Australia, in 2014, on the subject of “Visual Agency in Art and Architecture.” His most recent publications include 'Knowledge, Spirit, Law: Book 1, Radical Scholarship' (2015), and 'Knowledge, Spirit, Law: Book 2, The Anti-capitalist Sublime' (2017), both published open access with Punctum Books. He has taught and lectured in architecture schools in the US, England, Slovenia, Australia, and India, with a focus on a critique of representation.
His current research concerns the moral rights of authors in the age of cognitive capitalism, forms of scholarship that are also works of art, and editioning strategies for nominally useless works in the Arts and Humanities. Organized under the rubric “Works for Works,” the research project privileges works-based agency, preposterous presentism, and a calculated step beyond copyright into the “wild blue yonder” for artist-scholars. Two monographs encompassing this research are currently under contract with Punctum Books and due for publication in 2021-2022.

Gavin's areas of specialization include: Visual Agency in the Arts and Humanities; Research Methodologies and Publication Strategies; Intellectual Property and Moral Rights; Time- and Performance-based Media; Preposterous Presentism; Jurisprudence; and Political Economy.
Gavin is a recent Fellow at the Westminster Law & Theory Lab.
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