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Olalekan obtained his Law degree at Birkbeck, University of London in 2010; completed his LLM degree in Oil and Gas, and Environmental Law from the University of Aberdeen in 2011; and qualified as a Barrister and Solicitor from the Nigerian Law School in 2014.


He obtained his PhD from Westminster Law & Theory Lab in 2021 with the thesis 'The Dynamics of Nigeria’s Oil and Gas Industry’s Environmental Regulation: Revealing/Storying Neglected Voices and Excluded Lives of Environmental Encounters and Affects'. Olalekan uses autoethnography to seek a different way of narrating and dealing with the decades-long cataclysmic effects of oil and gas exploration on the people, environment, and ecosystem.


By sharing with the world the untold stories and narratives of the people of the Niger Delta’s zone of ‘exclusion’, Olalekan seeks a process of transcendent justice that will achieve relational and social interaction mechanisms among all stakeholders in the oil and gas industry to minimise and manage environmental incidents that may imply degradation and severe damage to the ecosystem, the socio-economic linkages to the environment, and human health and life.

Olalekan's areas of interests include Environmental Law and theory, Legal History, Legal Theory (Jurisprudence), Public International Law, Marine Law, Energy, and Investment Law, and Socio-legal Research.

Olalekan is a PhD graduate and current Fellow at the Westminster Law & Theory Lab.
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