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Renan is a Ph.D. candidate in Law at the University of Westminster, with a Master's degree in Philosophy of Law from the Rio de Janeiro State University. As an essayist and poet, he published the poetry book O Cólera A Febre (Urutau publisher, 2018)  and many poems and essays in several magazines.


In his current research, he has been investigating the contributions of Amerindian perspectives for thinking political ecology, cosmopolitics, and the ways how we shape societies in a non-anthropocentric approach.

Renan's research interests are interdisciplinary in nature, spanning the fields of political philosophy, anthropology, law and literature, whilst addressing issues such as contemporary capitalism, technology, and political practice.


His research intends to inquire into the nature of immigration and environmental conflicts, by investigating the contribution of recent philosophical works into cosmology, cosmopolitcs and cosmotechnics.

Renan is a current PhD student at the Westminster Law & Theory Lab.
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